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Pulp Fiction Hospitality with Erich Machherndl

After a fascinating lunch at Hofmeisterei Hitzberger, one of the must-go restaurants of the region and one that I was grateful that Michelin does not rate, as it would definitely would earn one or two (along with those increased bookings). Its service is down to earth, efficient and with great attitude. The food is refined,Continue reading “Pulp Fiction Hospitality with Erich Machherndl”

Day 1, Roter, Botrytis and Tradition

After a bumpy arrival in Vienna, which included a lost luggage I was ready the next morning to begin tasting the precise wines of Kremstal. My first stop was Mantlerhof, a winery located just about 10 minutes from the town of Krems, settled in an old monastery that has been owned by the Mantler familyContinue reading “Day 1, Roter, Botrytis and Tradition”

Introduction: An Austrian Getaway

I still remember the first time I drank a glass of Austrian wine, it happened to be in a fresh spring day of 2016 while ordering a nice plate of the delicious local specialty Mangalitza ham in the Naschtmarkt in Vienna. When asked what I wanted to drink I let the owner give me hisContinue reading “Introduction: An Austrian Getaway”

A glimpse into the past

These past couple of months have been placing society into a misty situation into which we face uncertainty day by day, in pretty much every aspect of our life. Are the days of packed restaurants gone? How will we behave socially? Is travelling going to be as widespread as before? More and more questions appearContinue reading “A glimpse into the past”

A glimpse into Mexican Wine

As I am visiting Mexico for a couple of weeks, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some wines from mexican producers that are trying to increase quality in an industry where demand is still looking for oaky, ripe wines, and even more, there is no notion of the “terroir” or to give aContinue reading “A glimpse into Mexican Wine”

First Impressions on Romania

As you land in Bucharest’s Airport you notice the vast green land around, dotted by fairly squared white buildings, I was already getting that sparkle you get every time you visit somewhere new. After a fairly fast passport control and getting the car rental done, I drove down to Bucharest, that being peak hour meantContinue reading “First Impressions on Romania”

Off to Romania

Today I am leaving for an express trip to Romania in which I will be able not only to taste some of the thriving wine scene but also be able to meet some of the winemakers of Dealu Mare, in order to get a better idea of this fairly unknown wine country. As I haveContinue reading “Off to Romania”

The Love For Wine

Why is it that wine makes so many people feel so passionate for a liquid? For me the first thing that made my curiosity grow about wine was the possibility of tasting years that have already passed, in a liquid form. The best would be those that I remember having a great time, and wineContinue reading “The Love For Wine”

So here we go…

So, the first lines are always the hardest. I am one of many people who consider wine to be prime on my day to day, not only on professional matters, but also sentimental ones. Wine allows me to connect everyday with my memories, with my everyday reading and also to find future connections for theContinue reading “So here we go…”